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14 June 2018

We hope you can join us for our second annual conference, to be held at our London office on 14 June. This conference will be looking at the return of volatility in world markets, you will hear first-hand from investment professionals across our equity, fixed income and multi-asset strategies on where they think the opportunities and challenges can be found in today's markets. We will also discuss our investment approach and research process, focusing on key issues within industry such as ESG.

The agenda will feature main platform speakers, panel discussions and smaller interactive workshop sessions, all providing a wealth of insightful content with regard to key macro trends.

The keynote speech will be given by John Emerson, Global Relationship Manager and Vice ­Chairman of Capital Group International Inc. and former Obama appointed US ambassador to Germany. John will examine who will fill the power vacuum as the US withdraws from the world stage on Trump's domestic line 'America First'.

We very much hope you can join us. If you have any questions regarding the conference please email:


08:00 Registration & breakfast
08:30 Welcome - Hamish Forsyth, President Capital Group Europe
Back to the Future: our commitment to Europe and the expansion of our product range for our European and Asian investors.
08:40 The Return of Volatility: Macroeconomic overview in an environment of renewed market volatility featuring Robert Lind, Chief Economist Capital Group and moderated by Martyn Hole, Equity Investment Director.
09:10 Fund selector 2:0
How the European Fund Selector role is evolving
09:40 Break
09:55 Equity or Fixed Income plenary sessions:
Capital Group's Equity Research Capabilities – Mining research cluster
Our panel of investment analysts Douglas Upton, François Beaudry and Kathryn Hagy moderated by Natasha Braginsky Mounier - Investment Director – will discuss Capital Group's equity research capabilities and how our equity and fixed income research analysts interact using the particular example of our Mining research cluster.
Renewed Volatility Means It's Time to Refocus on Fixed Income
Our panel of portfolio managers Kirstie Spence and Vantil Charles moderated by Jeremy Cunningham – Investment Director – will discuss the fixed income capabilities of Capital Group and why we think it's important, at this point in the cycle, for investors to ensure they understand the risk in their fixed income holdings.
10:50 Thematic Workshop 1
11:35 Break
12:00 Thematic Workshop 2
13:00 Keynote lunch session with John Emerson: "In the network of power: who assumes the leadership role in the world". John's speech will examine who will fill the power vacuum as the US withdraws from the world stage on Trump's domestic line "America First".
14:00 Wrap up and close

Thematic Workshops

Globalisation where are we now? Global Equities

Presenter: David Polak

Opportunities for global investors continue to evolve. This is nothing new for the portfolio managers and analysts in Capital Group's New Perspective Fund (LUX) which is positioned to take advantage of changing patterns of global trade and innovation. It has the flexibility to invest in companies that benefit from changing patterns of, rather than just growth in, world trade. Are investors ready for the new era of globalisation? How can they capture big trends and future proof their portfolios? In an environment where political and economic uncertainty signal a world in transition, we will consider how NPF's managers are seeking to mitigate risk in the portfolio and to take advantage of the investment opportunities that arise in times of volatility.

Looking beyond traditional boundaries to capture the growth in Emerging Market Equities

Presenter: Natasha Braginsky Mounier

Capital Group has been a pioneer in Emerging Market investing since the 1980s and launched the New World strategy in 1999. The strategy focuses on the growth in developing economies from a multidimensional, global perspective – combining local EM businesses along with global multinationals that have significant exposure to developing economies. We believe this can offer investors a more resilient way to capture the potential of EM investing whilst delivering a lower volatility of returns.

European Equities: Finding value in Europe

Presenter: Martyn Hole

Thanks to improving global growth, select European companies are thriving – particularly those that operate on a global stage. European markets continue to offer relatively attractive valuations in select areas. Improving economic conditions, a weaker US dollar and rising profit growth all contribute to an encouraging outlook for investing in Europe. How will European equity markets evolve in 2018, and how could euro-zone growth be much stronger for longer? How likely is a trade war between Europe and the US and how could this potentially impact European companies? We will elaborate on our views for European equity markets and on the current positioning of our pan-European equity fund the Capital Group European Growth and Income Fund (LUX).

Japanese Equities: Many reasons for optimism as Abenomics progress is clear and stock-pickers could be rewarded

Presenter: Akira Fuse

With visible signs that Abenomics is working - economic, fiscal and political metrics all being supportive of an ever improving investment environment - Japanese equities continue their advance. With valuations at near multi-year highs in the US across a number of asset classes, investors are having to look elsewhere for their growth opportunities. Whilst valuation dispersion is widening in Japan, attractive investment opportunities are there to be identified for the skilled and disciplined stock-picker. The portfolio managers of Capital Group Japan Equity Fund (LUX), through our proprietary fundamental research and long-term global perspective, have been striving to catch such opportunities over a number of years. Our presentation will discuss the outlook for the Japanese economy and consider how the fund is positioned to take advantage of the changes resulting from the reflationary Japanese environment.

Access the investment opportunities offered by US Equities

Presenter: Steve Smith

The US economy continues to be a bright spot in the global economy and Capital Group offers investors differing ways of capturing the opportunities offered by US equities: via our core US equity strategy ICA which is also Capital's longest-established investment strategy, or via our growth–orientated US equity strategy AMCAP. Investment Company of America, launched in 1934, has since inception, remained focused on the same objective: to achieve long-term growth of capital and income by investing primarily in common stocks, most of which have a history of paying dividends. The strategy's bottom-up approach and defensive characteristics have proved beneficial over the long term and through different market cycles. Investors can also look to capture the growth opportunities of US equities by investing in our quality growth-orientated US equity strategy AMCAP. AMCAP places emphasis on strong long- term growth, quality and consistency of earnings growth and excellent Investing in quality growth companies as identified through our globally integrated, bottom-up fundamental research. We believe it is important to diversify across sectors and market cap sizes in order to identify those companies that are well positioned for long-term success, regardless of short-term market movements.

Global Corporate Bonds: The new normal?

Presenter: Jeremy Cunningham

A global approach to corporate bonds provides diversification across markets and access to the largest possible opportunity set. This is a sector that continues to grow, with a greater depth and broader range of issuers providing improved liquidity compared to domestic corporate bond markets. The market offers the potential for higher yields without taking on significantly increased risk. Fundamental credit research, led by a team of sector specialists who directly invest in their highest-conviction ideas, can capitalize on market inefficiencies - corporate bonds are under-researched compared with equities, so the benefits of active management could be greater. The characteristics of the global corporate bond market – a large market value, regional diversity and a yield pick-up – can be beneficial for investors. Given its scale and diversification, the market can offer flexibility and therefore the potential to generate excess returns, which is particularly attractive in the current "late cycle" environment, where macro headwinds are likely.

Why Capital Group for Emerging Market Debt: A proven approach to managing an evolving asset class

Presenter: Kirstie Spence

Investors can access the opportunities of the emerging market debt market via Capital Group's blended emerging market debt or emerging market local currency debt strategies. Capital Group has a long and proven track record in emerging market debt investing, having managed out blended strategy since 2006 and the local currency emerging market debt strategy since 2010. As EMD markets have continued to broaden, deepen and mature, the asset class has moved from being an opportunistic tactical holding to a key strategic allocation within many globally diversified portfolios. Volatility in the asset class – partly due to the 'risk-on/risk-off' approach of many investors – could provide attractive entry points for research-driven investors with valuation discipline. An active management approach has the flexibility to invest across this wide opportunity set which, in turn, offers the potential to generate attractive returns as well as enhance yields and mitigate volatility.

Finding balance in a volatile world with the Capital Group Global Allocation fund

Presenter: Julie Dickson

In a volatile world where many investors are seeking balance, capital growth is important, but so are capital preservation and income. Attaining all three objectives, however, requires a flexible, integrated approach. Access to a broad investment universe is key. Whilst we believe that a global multi-asset approach is one of the best solutions for investors in pursuit of multiple objectives, not all multi-asset strategies are the same. Capital Group has a significant multi-asset heritage having managed multi-asset strategies since 1973. A strategy that invests consistently in stocks and bonds around the world is equipped to seize the most attractive long-term growth opportunities wherever they may appear, while preserving principal. Our team-based, active approach where there is real dialogue across both investment disciplines enables a holistic approach to asset allocation, benefiting from a combination of fundamental research and macro views? The outcome? A diversified portfolio of high-conviction ideas, integrating both bottom-up and top-down investment approaches.

Combining the potential for Emerging Market growth while lowering volatility: Emerging Markets Total Opportunity fund

Presenter: Richard Carlyle

Capital Group, as a pioneer of 30 years investing in Emerging Markets, offers investors different solutions to the traditional approach of investing in Emerging Markets. Emerging market investment continues to present a dilemma for a number of investors. Whilst there are considerable opportunities offered by investing in the asset class, many investors seeking to benefit from these opportunities find the level of associated volatility to be too much of a constraint. Our Emerging Markets Total Opportunities strategy was launched in 2007 to cater for investors who are attracted to the long-term growth potential of EM investing but want a less volatile pattern of returns. The strategy is a multi-dimensional approach that offers the flexibility to invest across the full spectrum of the EM investible universe. It is designed to combine the potential for EM growth whilst limiting the downside risk, aiming to deliver EM equity-like returns with lower volatility over the long-term. The strategy's flexible approach has helped provide a smoother pattern of returns during periods of volatility.

Retirement changes everything: Capital Group's investment solutions offering

Presenter: Nisha Thakrar

The last decade within the UK has witnessed the introduction of regulation on pension freedoms, which incentivises the individual to take more responsibility with regard to their own retirement - a significant move from the previous environment where pension provision was predominantly the remit of the large institutions. The retirement market is ripe for disruption with drawdown being widely forecast to be one of the largest opportunities in the UK financial services over the next decade. With the move away from defined benefit pensions and with individuals taking more responsibility for their own finances in retirement, the role of the advisor needs to change to meet the client requirements. Clients are looking for a guide through life in retirement not just an advisor. Few asset managers can offer as much perspective on these issues as Capital Group. We have many years of experience working with advisors in the US to help investors live successfully in retirement. We will talk through these topics based on our US experience and discuss how we see the UK retirement market developing.



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